Is Limiting WiFi at Cafes Good for Business?





Will limiting WiFi or restricting laptop use at a cafe make for a better business, or will it just send more customers away in the long run?


In the last year, I’ve experienced a good amount of cafes that run some kind of no-WiFi, or limited laptop areas. The backlash comes from too many independent freelancers and work-from-homers that set up their office at a table in a cafe and stay for hours at a time. Restaurant and cafe owners do not like this, they think its bad for business. Recently, Huffington Post reported of a cafe owner who has implemented laptop free zones between certain hours, which improved his business by 15 to 20 percent. But will this help the restaurant in the long run? I’m skeptical.


As a freelance writer, I work from home. I spend most of my day at my desk alone, I don’t see anyone and only talk to a few people throughout the day via G-chat or web conference. So I like to take some time every morning to post up at a cafe and crank out an hour or two worth of work. I see a few regulars, hear the bustle of the crowd, and find myself concentrating more on my work. It’s extremely helpful.


I order the same thing everyday, one coffee and one hard boiled egg. I always tip, and I’m always very pleasant with the staff.


On an average day, I see about 5 to 10 other people that do the similar act at the cafe I go to. They’re regulars just like me. They order the same thing everyday, set up their computer, work for about 1 to 2 hours, then leave.…